Local Advertising Media for Auto Shops

December 22, 2017

digital marketingWhen it comes to advertising, independently owned auto shops experience the greatest success when focusing on the local market. After all, a vast majority of their customers are from the immediate area, so there’s little need to cast a wider advertising net. If you’re getting ready to launch an ad campaign for your auto repair shop, here are some local advertising media to consider using to your advantage.

Paid search: Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two of the more effective advertising tools small business owners have at their disposal. Both types of ads can be fine tuned with precision to target the desired customer demographic, resulting in excellent ROI with little wasted effort.

Digital or analog billboards: Billboard advertising is fantastic because it’s quiet and unobtrusive, yet embeds the message in customers’ minds as effectively as other types of ads. With the right placement, graphics, and wording, a billboard ad can pay off handsomely.

Direct mail: If you thought direct mail circulars and fliers were a thing of the past, think again. Many local businesses still use direct mailing campaigns to keep in touch with current customers and/or reach potential customers in the neighborhood. Bear in mind, however, that it might take several rounds of direct mailings to spur the customer to action.

Auto events: Renting booth space at auto events like local races or classic car shows is a great way to forge a connection with your customer base and attract new business. Hand out goody bags with pens, magnets, calendars, tire pressure checkers, and similar items imprinted with your shop name and contact info, and be sure to get email addresses in return!

Register tape coupons: Putting discount coupons on the back of register tape at grocery stores, auto parts stores, gas stations, and other complementary businesses is another highly effective way to advertise in the local market which is why small business owners have been doing it for decades. Percentage discounts, free inspections, and buy one get one offers are all appropriate for register tape coupons. This method also has the added bonus of being affordable even for smaller budgets.

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